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Crow Sheryl — Rodeo

 Sheryl Crow - Rodeo (Unreleased)
Tabbed by David Ribeiro (Sheryl Crow Paradise)

Chords Used:
   C#m11     C#m7+5    Bm        A         E 

Notes: Chords between () mean they continue from previous verse.

To make it easier:

C#m11  = 2
C#m7+5 = 3

E                     2             3 
There comes a son, A son of angels
Carrying an empty glass
E                 2
Trying to fill it to the surface
Well tell your thirst love has passed

     E         2
You carry on, carry the world
You must get worn with all the weight
E                 2                     3
I take it in but you won't no where
And no where's where we're headed fast


Bm   A         E
    Oh, oh, Rodeo
Bm    A                  A
    Slow turning to and fro
Bm    A        E
    Oh, oh, Rodeo
    Where we land no one knows
             E           2    3
    no one knows...

We're not blind to what it is
In other words, the ignorant kind
Well life is short, but oh it's wide
It's wide enough to change your mind

Well I believe in ever-after
Just in case what's after that
Don't I love you like the angels
And could you ever love me back?


Strangers now we are becoming
Stranger now we have become
If any fiction every returns
Returned by the coolest one

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