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Crow Sheryl — Tomorrow Never Dies

 Tomarrow Never Dies
performed by: Sheryl Crow
on the Tomarrow Never Dies Soundtrack

This is hard to figure out because the guitar is under-mixed alot, but this is my best effort.
For the full effect you need an acoustic guitar, Sheryl Crow, and about 100 Computer Generated
women dancing on various guns and knives.

   Bm                                                                    Am
   Darlin' I'm killed, I'm in a puddle on the floor, waiting for you to return
           Bm                                                                 Am
Oh what a thrill, fasination's got a lure. How you tease, how you leave me to burn

        Am						Bm
       It's so deadly my dear, the power of wantin' you near
	   Bm		  Am          Bm
Until the day, Until the world falls away
Until you say were over goodbye
Bm             Am
See it in your eyes
Tomarrow Never Dies

    Darlin' you've won, It's no fun
                     Am                              Bm
My keen is girls and guns, It's murder on our love affair
                  Bm (Cello enters)
But you bet your life every night, while you chase the morning light
Your not the only spy out there


Brief interlude that's basically Am Bm with a cello part. Than pummel Am
and play this:

                Bm             Am          Bm
     Until the day, until the world falls away
                   Am      Bm
until you say were over goodbye
See it in your eyes

[Fade Out]

Sorry if this is a little bit off, it's difficult to hear the guitar
part over the rest of the instruments and Sheryl Crow's voice. Listen
to the song and get a feel for it yourself.

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