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Cure — Tape

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Date: Sat, 18 Feb 1995 16:15:34 -0800 (PST)
From: Micah Newman 

	I've been trying to figure out the simple yet elegant guitar part
that frames 'Tape', from 'Show', for a while, and I recently got it, and
hit myself for being so stupid beforehand. It is as simple as can be.
	I had been trying to figure it out in standard tuning, but, since
the piece segues into 'Open', it of course uses the same Gm7 open tuning
as that song so the tones melt right into each other. It consists simply
of a 12th-fret natural harmonic arpeggio right up the strings, and then
the same exact thing on the 7th fret.
	For those of you who may not have used harmonics, you just bar your
middle or index finger directly above the fret, with your finger *just*
touching the strings. Don't press down too hard, or you'll dampen them.
Here's the tab (the note indicated in front of each string is what that
string is tuned to) -

G ------------------------|--------------------|
F ------------------------|--------------------|
G ----[let ring]----------|----[let ring]------|


P.S.: Sorry if I may have insulted the intelligence of some guitar players
out there by explaining all the terminology, but I assumed that those who
knew what I was talking about might have figured all this out on their
own anyway. This is pretty much meant for people like me who don't really
know guitar that well. 
Аккорд Gm7Аккорд GАккорд FАккорд H