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Ed Bruce — My First Taste of Texas — новинка

 Intro: G G G 

C  G
My C first taste of Texas has blue eyes and golden hair...  
D7  G
beneath a Tennessee Silver moon, we found a feeling we could share. 
C  G
And age made no difference, I'd been aound and she was young.
But my first taste of Texas still lingers in my heart 
G  G  C
and on my tongue... 
C  G
Her gentle heart was broken in a way a tender lady shouldn't have 
to know.  
And mine was somewhere in between... something I should hold onto
G  G
or let go... 
Her talk and blue eyes told me the story of the love 
she failed to find, and, without convrsation, 
D7  G  C
I suppose the lines on my face told her mine.  

Repeat #1 

C  D7  G  C
"Cause we're not done... we'e only just be gun to love.  
D7  C
Now the two of us are one... and age made no difference, 
G  D7
we're still around and love still young and my first taste of Texas 
G  C
still lingers in my heart and on my tongue...  

Repeat #1 
Аккорд GАккорд CАккорд D7