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Ed Englerth — At The Count Of Three

   G       F            G    F
I had you - under my spell 
Just like - a regular zombie 
And you served,  
you served me so well 
So now I’ll, I’ll set you free 

            C        G
    At the count of three 
       C     G          F F F F  
    I want you to wake up 
               C           G 
    So (it’s) one – two – Three 
         F      F/E Dm F/C
    Wake up – Wake up 
Well you gave me 
All of your pay 
And it never seemed 
Too complicated 
And you believed  
Everything I said 
And you’ve been  
so Dedicated  
    D                    D
I’m pulling you to your feet 
    D                 G 
Come on now open your eyes 
           D             D
It was so easy to fall asleep 
            D           G
After you swallowed my lies 
      C       G         C      G
It’s time to try – the hours arrived 
   C             G               
I say it’s all right  
         F    F/E    Dm F/C
I didn’t want you to die  
  G       F        G F   
//: Come on wake up ://  

Outro: F F/E Dm F/C G      
Аккорд GАккорд FАккорд CАккорд F/EАккорд DmАккорд F/CАккорд D