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Ed Englerth — Dial Business

 Capo at 4th
 Em            A
Even when the mourners gather round 
 Em            A
The hard work belongs to you 
 Em            A
Six good friends carry all that's left 
 Em            A
There's no excuses to hold to 
        Em              A    
    The choices are now thinner 
         Em               A
    And none are left for you 
     Em            A
    Be still, the game is over 
         Em                A    
    And there are no final moves 
       Fmaj7/9  G        A
      It's no longer a matter of trust 
       Fmaj7/9  G        A
      there's nothing to confess 
       Fmaj7/9  G        A
      there's nothing to talk over 
       Fmaj7/9  G               A     Fmaj7/9 G
      dying,       is a lonely business 
your job is well defined 
it's as narrow as your box 
you can't even change your mind 
No all the doors are locked 
   It's the most primitive journey 
   Now your eyes are closed 
   The mortal coil is empty 
   It no longer serves as host  

  D                   Cadd9  
there's one thing on which you can depend 
    Fmaj7.9          G        D
    death will never be your friend 
  D                Cadd9
that hand can not comfort you 
          Fmaj7/9       G         D    Fmaj7/9 G
but in the end it will lose it's grip   
Chorus x2
Outro: Fmaj7/9 G     
Аккорд EmАккорд AАккорд Fmaj7/9Аккорд GАккорд DАккорд Cadd9Аккорд Fmaj7