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Ed Englerth — Explain It Away

 Intro: Am  G  F  E7 

I’ve wasted my time 
I’ve lost my treasure 
You don’t listen to me 
And it used to matter 
I’ve picked up the phone 
Several times to call you 
Even when you answer  
I can’t get though 
       F                  C
   //: and we explain it away :// 
          F   Em     F Em
        //: no wonder :// 
What is there about mysteries 
That sneak up on you 
We’re feel astonished  
When we feel like fools 
At points on the calendar 
We think we’re past the pain 
We’ll try it all again 
And make the same mistakes  (Chorus) F Em 
            E7        Am           E7      Am                
      It’s never the same – it’s always a waste 
            E7    Am      E7    Am   
      And it affects  the human race 

F  F  F  F
We explain it all away 
Or we blame somebody else 
Or a chemical reaction  
Claiming we’re not well 
Or we play the victim  
Say we never stood a chance 
We’ve been conditioned from the start  
And pull out the diagrams …To    

Chorus x2 
Аккорд AmАккорд GАккорд FАккорд E7Аккорд CАккорд Em