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Ed Englerth — God in a Box

 Intro: Em  D  Em  D

  Em        D       Em         D
We turn his crank – the music plays 
 Em                   D
We’ll know what he’ll do 
                G B+9
And what he’ll say 
                   Em Em
He’s our god in a box  
   Em    D            Cadd9      Cadd9 D
Say jack – we got it all figured out 
   Em       D     Cadd9      C B Bb Am
No big deal – nothing to shout 
   Am       Em    E F# G Am          Em
We read the bible        we follow the rules 
          G5          F#+5  
When the church bells ring 
Everyone drools 
         Em                   Em D Em - Em D Em
         We’ve got god in a box 
           Am   B+9
         We've got god in a box 

Em  Em  
We’re holy – we don’t make mistakes 
We smile a lot – but our hearts don’t ache 
Long prayer lists – we pay our tithe 
We’re only living for the by n’ by   
       We don’t limit God 
         Cadd9              Am   Am
       We only limit ourselves 
       He don’t fit in a box 
          G                B+9
       Never did and never will 
                          Em D Cadd9  D            
        He’s no god in a box 
(Repeat bridge end on "he never did and he never will"). 
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