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Ed Englerth — If It’s Liked This

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If your brakes give out now baby 
I will help you stop 
   If you want to come through the door 
   You will not find it locked 
If you tell me that it’s cold outside 
You can wear my coat 
   If you got a question 
   I’ll answer if I know 
      //: If it’s like this on earth  
            Consider heaven :// 
When your garden needs water 
You’re free to use my well 
   If the wolf comes to the door 
   I will answer if you yell 
Get it off your chest 
I’ll be there to listen 
   I’ll help you find yourself 
   If you discover you are missing  
      //: If it’s like this on earth  
            Consider heaven :// 
If all friends exit baby 
I won’t leave you 
   If things get heavy  
   I will be your mule 
When shadows fall  
All across the heart 
   Don’t be afraid 
   Just tell me where you are  
If the house is haunted 
Take hold of my hand 
   We’ll face our demons 
   We’ll stand back to back 
When the revolution 
Comes busting through the door 
   Look them in the eye  
   These are the dogs of war 
If there’s nothing left  
Then that can be done or said 
   That’s the day 
   We’ll lie down with the dead (stop) 
      //: If it’s like this on earth  
            Consider heaven :// 
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