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Ed Englerth — Rumble of the Train

 Intro: G  Em  C  G
    G           Em
The track ran through my town  
              C           G
I’d hear the train about sunset  
     G      Em
They never stopped back then  
                 C        G
And they’re not stopping yet  
They’re older than their wisdom  
They’re sadder than their tears  
They keep moving through the night  
And won’t slow down for years  
Chorus: x2
               Em        Em  
It’s the rumble of the train  
               G     G  
The rumble of the train 
But they’ll have to stop one day  
Be laid to rest on twisted backs  
In the meantime they’ll keep driving  
Although someone’s stole the tracks  
They rarely check their watches now  
They’ve been traveling for so long  
They know each place by the pain  
That won’t stop till they’re gone  
Chorus x2
         D          C         G   
   With clicks n’ clacks n’ rattles  
         D          C         G 
   It shutters and it shakes  
         D          C         G 
   There’s a long and lonely moan 
         D          C         G  
   As if it’s heart would break  
Late at night while I lie sleeping  
I heard that high sad whistle  
I dreamed I boarded that train  
And disappeared over a hill   
Chorus x4 
Аккорд GАккорд EmАккорд CАккорд D