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Ed Englerth — Wishing Well

There’s a hole – goes straight to hell 
Little’s known – n’ less is said 
 G               A                      Em
Some treat that thing – like a wishing well 
  They drop their money – know where it fell 
  They scurry around – n’ worry n’ fret 
  They jump into – that wishing well 
Been round for years – like a strange hotel 
No furniture – just an empty shell 
there’s always a vacancy – at the wishing well 
  G                   A               Em
yea there’s a vacancy at the wishing well 
  they put old Dan – in a prison cell 
  gave him a toilet – and a rusty bed 
  he dreams all night – ‘bout that wishing well 
hear the voices speak (WHAT?) it’s hard to tell 
they seem to be asking – who will be next 
I think they’re invitations – to the wishing well 
  G                     A                  Em     
Yea, they’re invitations to that wishing well 
Аккорд EmАккорд GАккорд A