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Ed Englerth — You Tell Me

   G              C
I ain’t got a reason to trust you 
  G              C
All I got is a rainy day 
  G                     C
Lighting, thunder, & a hole in my roof 
  G                  C     
You want me to come out n’ play 
     Em            C
    You tell me – It’s all right 
     Em            C
    You tell me – it’s OK 
     Em            C
    You tell me – almost anything 
     Am            C
    All you want is to have it your way 
I don’t know why I didn’t it last time 
А tree almost hit my car 
Cold & wet is how you left me 
Standing there in your front yard  


This ain’t what I call fun no 
All you have caused is pain 
It this how you treat your friends? 
How did you come up 
With this twisted game?   

Chorus x3 
Аккорд GАккорд CАккорд EmАккорд Am