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Eddie Rabbitt — Two Dollars In The Jukebox

  G                                     C  
I've got two dollars in the jukebox five dollars in a bottle 
 D7                                        G  D7  
Ten more just in case that don't do the trick  
         G                             C  
I'll be dead broke tomorrow morning with heartaches by the dozen 
       D7                                  G  
And a lady on my mind that's driving me crazy 
Why do I  why do I 
 C                   G  
Need to see those blues eyes  
Looking at  me that way again 
After the way she did me it's a sin 
     G                A7  
How could she  how could she 
 C                   G  
Just walk out and leave me 
       A7                        D7  
After all these nights in her arms 
Look where I am 
Repeat #1 
            D7                                  C     G  
I've got a lady on my mind that's driving me cra--zyeee 
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