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Edguy — Superheroes (Epic version)

City lights are calling
Slowly coming back to life
Speeding in the fast lane
F            G
Mama let us waste no time

Devil in the doorway
F            C
Selling any kind of hell
We're just coming out to play the game

	           Dm  C  B
	We never cry for love
	       F    С
	We're superheroes
	Dm      B             C
	We are back where we belong
	We never cry for pain
	We're superheroes
	Man can stand where he belong

Way to long I've tried to be
What I could never be
For too long you've rolled the dice
But you can't control me

I ain't talking 'bout romance
You may fit, a love may chance
Anyway it's a just game we play


	We never cry for love
	Man can stand where he belong 
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