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Eels — Mr Es Beautiful Blues

 Mr E's Beautiful Blues
Tabbed By Aaron Bridgeman (rokken@sicness.net)

Standard tuning.
Chords go from Gmaj to Cmaj, to Dmaj, and back to Cmaj.


Yeah. Easy as you can get.

The smokestack is spitting black soot into the sunny sky
The load on the road brings a tear to the Indian's eye
The elephant won't forget what it's like inside his cage
The ringmaster's telecaster sings on an empty stage

God damn right, it's a beautiful day
God damn right, it's a beautiful day

The girl with the curls and the sweet big ribbon in her hair
She's crawling out the window 'cause her daddy just don't care
Come on!

God damn right, it's a beautiful day
God damn right, it's a beautiful day

The clown with the frown driving down to the sidewalk fair
Finger on the trigger I tell you he is quite a scare

God damn right, it's a beautiful day
God damn right, it's a beautiful day

The kids fit their lids when their heads hear that crazy sound
Their neighbour digs the flavour still he's moving to another town
And I don't believe he's coming back

God damn right, it's a beautiful day
God damn right, it's a beautiful day

And I don't know how you're taking all the shit you see
You don't believe anyone but most of all you don't believe me

God damn right, it's a beautiful day
God damn right, it's a beautiful day 
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Eels — Mr Es Beautiful Blues

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Date: Thu, 20 Apr 2000 10:33:14 -0400
From: =?iso-8859-1?q?Simon=20Bobin?= 
Subject: e/eels/mr_es_beautiful_blues.crd

Song - Mr eels beautiful blues (written by E)
Band - Eels
Album- Daisies of the Galaxy
Transcribed by - Simon Bobin

I thought it would be a good idea to transcribe this song since it is the best
 offering on the new album and there aren't any lyrics in the sleeve because 
it's a bonus track. So here it is! 

The basic chord sequence is G C D C G throughout the whole song, but the G has
 to be played: 320001. Remember, between each verse and chorus line the above 
sequence mentioned has to be played.

You can also play this piece of tab over the rhythm guitar if you have two 
people playing. Stay upbeat!

       G                           C                            D                             

                  C                          (repeat)

1.Verse one

G                C              D             C     G  (sequence)
The smoke ...

G            C             D           C       G
Alone on ..

G                 C           D             C          G
The yellow...

G               C          D           C     G
The ringmasters ..


G                 C            D         C
Uh - huh, ..

G                C            D         C
Uh - huh, ...

3.Verse two


5.Verse three


7.Verse four

8. Chorus

9. Verse five

10. Chorus X2

                      THE END

Any comments, suggestions, feel free to email me!

Аккорд EАккорд GАккорд CАккорд D

Eels — Mr Es Beautiful Blues

 Song: Mr E's beautiful blues
Band: Eels
Album: Daisy's of the Galaxy
Tuning: E A D G
Tabbed:  Daniel (double_dcup_daniel@hotmail.com)
All the other tabs for this are pretty crap (no offence zappp) so i quickly 
worked out this it is the main bass part and i'm pretty sure it just repeats 
the whole way through. Use a big deep bassy channel when you play it.


Any Suggestions, corrections or the rest of the song E-mail me.
Аккорд EАккорд AАккорд DАккорд G

Eels — Mr Es Beautiful Blues

 Song: Mr. E's Beautiful Blues
Artist:  Eels
Album:  Daisies of the Galaxy
Tabbed: A Very Bored Chick With A Bass (Olivia_Leary@excite.com)

I am not a big bass player but I found a different variation of this 
bassline of a fit of frustration.  It may be totally wrong but it
exercises by fingers to move around.  Try it, many say it's an 
interesting interpretation. I guess I took a couple of the guitar
notes in it... my ear is shot!


Looks strange! the rhythm is 'bouncy' & 'choppy'. The open strings
on the A stringare mearly fillers they are part of the song but can
be heard. You will see it comes naturally to put it there even if 
didn't exist. It's a beat keeper.

Any comments or death threats are welcome just write to Olivia
at the above address. Anyone have tabs for Tracy Chapman 'fast 
car' & Edwin 'alive'?
Аккорд A