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Gill Vince — Go Rest High On That Moutain

I know oyur life
On earth was troubled
      G                 D  
Only you could know the pain
              G                 D
You weren't afraid to face the devil
           A              D
Your no stranger to the rain


          G               D
Go rest high on that mountain
            G                    D
Cause son your work on earth is done
     C            D
Go to heaven a shoutin
             A               D
Love for the Father and the Son

Verse 2:
Oh how we cried
That day you left us
        G                     D
Gather Round your grave to grieve
           G                  D
Wish I could see the angels faces
             A                   D
When they hear your sweet voice sing


Repeat 1st verse 2x ( with out lyrics)
Then repeat chorus( with lyrics) 2x to end song
The 1st time though the verse 1 is the piano only
come in on the chorus. 
Аккорд DАккорд GАккорд AАккорд C