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Goldfinger — My Girlfriends Shower Sucks

 Michael christie

I seen that UG didnt have the right version, so i stole this one from mx tabs,
and improved it some. The original tabber was Chris fargis, all i did was make a few corrections.

     Bm       G        A         F#

The intro is Bm (x8)

Bm (x2)           G(x2)           A (x2)           F#(x2)
The temperature changes, it chills me to the bone.
Bm               G                      A               F#
It makes me wish that I was was cleanin' myself at home
G                  A             Bm          G
It makes me grumpy and sometimes I lose hope
G                 A                 F#
The water's hard so I can never rinse the soap
G            A          Bm
And it's got no pressure
G             A         F#
The water dribbles down on me
G            A        Bm
And it's got no pressure
G             A           F# (last F# appregiated#)
It's like the shower's going pee

Each chord is played twice. 
Аккорд BmАккорд GАккорд AАккорд F#