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Placebo — Hold on to me

 Для правильного звучания поставьте капо на первый лад

Intro: Am  G  Dm  F   

Verse 1:
Am                        G 
 Who let the cat out of the bag?
Dm                            F
 Who told the world that I was older?
Am                    G
 Who laughed at all I had?
Dm                      F
 Who said the rains was over?

Am                       G
 I am a small and gentle man
    Dm                          F    
Who carries the world upon his shoulders
Am                    G
 Kindly lend a helping hand
Dm       F
      Come over

And hold on to me
Hold on to me
And hold on to me
Hold on

Verse 1:
   Am                      G
My behaviors hard to understand
         Dm                   F
When Im like a phone with no connection
Am                        G
 But Im still doin all I can
Dm                        F
 To try and get me some redemption

Am                           G
 And Im knee-deep in sinking sand
Dm                    F
 Crying out for your attention
Am                     G
 Kindly lend a helping hand
Dm                 F
 For once to find convention
Chorus x2

Outro: Am  G  Dm  F }x4 
Аккорд AmАккорд GАккорд DmАккорд F