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Project 86 — When Darkness Reigns

 When Darkness Reigns By Project 86
tabbed by Ben Schwartz

The opening note is


the verse goes like this


remember that / means to slide down

then it goes into Chorus 1


end on in chorus 1 


then it goes into a little solo thing, I really wouldn't 
call it a solo but it's only bass.


it does it a couple of times

then it will go back to the verse and then a change up

while the change up is going play this note softly


then the drums and the bass will kick in and everything else
and strum this part


it's just a little power chord

okay back to the chorus it's a little different

chorus 2

----------------2---- play this 3 times then go back to the original 
chorus part play the original chorus part 1 time in this pattern over 
and over till the chorus is done.

then it will be just the guitar and every time he changes his note 
the bass and the drums kick in again just like before. play this.


ok we are to this one part in the song that we haven't heard before. 
the same riff over and over until the songs ends play this.



oh yah and at the last note on the end play this note and slide all 
the way to the first fret on the E string.


remember that  means to slide up

ok i assure you that this song is perfectly right.

and questions e-mail me at IamSkaBoy@home.com

I love ska and rap-core and project 86 and Five iron frenzy.

oh yah and the bass lines for dandelions by five iron frenzy are wrong 
and so is the intro to the devil is bad by the w's!!!

ask me and i'll give you the corrections!!

ok bye.

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