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Rend Collective — Boldly I Approach

 Verse 1: 
Gm (Em) Fsus4 (Dsus4) Eb (C) 
 By grace alone somehow I stand  
Bb/D (G/B) Gm (Em) F (D) 
 where even angels fear to tread. 
Gm (Em) Fsus4 (Dsus4) Eb (C) 
 Invited by redeeming love 
Bb/D (G/B) Gm (Em) F (D) 
 before the throne of God above.  
 Bb/D (G/B) Eb (C) F (D) Gm (Em) 
He pulls me close with nail-scarred hands 
Eb (C) Fsus4 (Dsus4) Bb (G) Bbsus4 (Gsus4) Bb (G) 
 into His everlasting arms. 
Verse 2: 
 When condemnation grips my heart 
 and Satan tempts me to despair, 
 I hear the voice that scatters fear; 
 the Great I Am, The Lord is here. 
 О praise the Оnе who fights for me, 
 and shields my soul eternally! 
Gm (Em) Eb (C) F (D) 
Boldly I approach your throne, 
Gm (Em) Eb (C) F (D) 
blameless now I’m running home. 
Bb/D (G/B) Eb (C) 
By your blood I come, 
F (D) Gm (Em) 
welcomed as your own 
Eb (C) F (D) Bb (G) 
into the arms of majesty. 
Mid section: Bb (G) | Bb (G) | Bb (G) | Bb (G)

 Eb (C) Bb (G) F (D) 
This is the art of celebration, 
 Eb (C) Bb (G) F (D) 
Knowing we're free from condemnation. 
Bb/D (G/B) Eb (C) Bb (G)  
О praise the Оnе,  
F (D) Gm7 (Em7) 
praise the Оnе 
 Eb (C) F (D) Bb (G) 
who made an end to all my sin. 
Verse 3: 
 Behold the bright and risen Son; 
 more beauty than this world has known. 
 I’m face to face with Love Himself, 
 His perfect spotless righteousness. 
 A thousand years, a thousand tongues 
 are not enough to sing His praise. 
Аккорд GmАккорд EmАккорд Fsus4Аккорд Dsus4Аккорд EbАккорд CАккорд Bb/DАккорд G/BАккорд FАккорд DАккорд BbАккорд GАккорд Bbsus4Аккорд Gsus4Аккорд Gm7Аккорд Em7Аккорд A