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Разные песни — Here Is The Pure Land

  Dm          A              Dm          A
Here is the Pure Land, the Pure Land is here. 
 Dm          A
I smile in mindfulness 
     Bb                 A
And dwell in the present moment. 
The Buddha is seen in an autumn leaf, 
        Bb          A
The Dharma in a floating cloud. 
        Gm            Dm
The Sangha body is everywhere. 
     Bb      A7       Dm
My true home is right here. 
   A             Dm
Breathing in, flowers are blooming, 
   A                Dm
Breathing out, I am aware that 
   Gm                      Dm
Bamboos are swaying, my mind is clear 
       A          Dm
And I enjoy every moment. 
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