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Sam Lewis — Five Foot Two

  C             E7
Five foot two, eyes of blue, 
But oh! what those five foot could do, 
    D7      G7      C       G7
Has anybody seen my girl? 
 C              E7
Turned-up nose, turned-down hose, 
Flapper, yes sir, one of those, 
     D7     G7       C
Has anybody seen my girl? 
Now if you run into a five-foot-two 
Covered with fur, 
Diamond rings, and all those things, 
 G7  STOP 
Bet your life it isn't her, 
 C                  E7
But could she love, could she woo, 
Could she, could she, could she coo! 
      D7      G7      C
1 Has anybody seen my girl? 
      D7      G7        D7     G7
2 Has anybody seen my, anybody seen my 
  D7      G7      C
  anybody seen my girl? 
Ending: C - B - A - G - F - E - D - C      
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