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She & Him — Black Hole

   G              Gm
My eyes are so bleary
    D            D/C#          B7
I guess I'm young but I feel so weary
  G            Gm
I've tried to express it
   D      D/C#     B7
But I think its all a bore
It's at the heart of me,
A very part of me

D                    D+5
Speak slowly, I can't hear you
D6                                     D7                       G
My mind keeps spinning closer and closer to the rain on the roof,
                Gm                             A
And the rain in my head, and the things that you said
People take it further ahead
D                     D+5
And it just gets so foggy
It's nowhere in here
        D7                                     G
And it's everywhere else that I don't wanna be,
Gm                                   D      D/C#   B7
But I'm stuck here getting misty over you
     Em	       G        A        D
I'm alone on a bicycle for two 
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