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Springsteen Bruce — A Reason To Believe

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From: David.Mays@merrick.com
Date: Sat, 28 Mar 1998 12:46:27 -0700
Subject: CRD s/springsteen_bruce/a_reason_to_believe

     Bruce Springsteen, off the Nebraska album.
     (submitted by david.mays@merrick.com)

     Basic blues progression: A-D-A-E

     A                           D                      A
     A man stands by a dead dog, by the highway, in the ditch

     A                                                       E
     He's looking down kinda puzzled, poking that dog with a stick

     Got his car door flung open, out on Highway 31
     Like if he stood there long enough, that dog would up and run.

     Well it struck me kinda funny, some kind of funny yes indeed
     At the end of every hard day people find some reason to believe

     Now Mary's little love Johnny, with a love mean and true
     Said I'll work for you every day, bring my money home to you
     One day he up and left her, and ever since that
     She stands at the end of that dirt road, waiting for young
        Johnny to come back.


     Take a baby to the river, Carl William they call him
     Wash the baby in the water, [unintelligible]
     Whitewashed old gun shack, an old man paces away Take
     the baby to the graveyard, and over him they pray

     CHORUS, with 1st line:
     Lord won't you tell us, tell us what does it mean

     Congregation gathered, down by the riverside
     Preacher stands with a Bible, groom waiting for his bride
     Congregation gone, the sun sets behind a weeping willow tree
     Groom stands alone and watches the river rush on so effortlessly

     CHORUS, with 1st line:
     Wonderin', where can his baby be... 
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