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Starsailor — Let It Shine

 Capo - 1st Fret

Intro - [Em] [C] (x4)

There were [Em]two girls coming back for me
Where my [Am]one true love should [Em]be
I was walking down the county line
Let it [Am]shine
Let it [Em]shine
Let it [Am]shine
Let it [Em]shine

I was [Em]born into a life of greed
I had [Am]everything I'd [Em]need
Then you told me I was something more
I'm not [Am]sure
I'm not [Em]sure
I'm not [Am]sure
I'm not [D]sure

(Break - Em Am D x4)

[Em]She stole the [C]summer [D]rain from my [Em]window [C] [D]
[Em]He tore the [C]house a[D]part when she [Em]let him go [C] [D]
[Em]She found it [C]in her [D]heart to for[Em]give him [C] [D]
[Em]Ain't there a [C]life out[D]side you're not [Em]livin' [C] [D]

[Em] [Am] [C] [D] 
Аккорд EmАккорд AmАккорд D