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Sum 41 — All Messed Up

Another day wasted out of time
I can't get out of this
Altered state of mind
I'm going overboard
My conscience meets decline
Into Reality
 C                   E
I know this can't be fine

   F                C
Cause I'm all messed up
Making prefect nonsense
                A          E
Drowning in my doubt too well
   F                C
Cause I'm all messed up
Going nowhere fast but circles in my mind
       A                  E         (G играть во втором припеве)
So blind

Who are these voices in my head
I can't go on like this
Living like the dead
I haven't slept so long
Feeling sad I dread
I'm talking to myself
Forgot what I just said

  F                  C              D         A
Well I hold my only enemy as closely as a friend
And I sold my own reality to further my descent
  C                   G             F         A
Selt-destruction taking over it's so eay to pretend
Introduction to this nightmare may never end

Can anyone help me drag my heels
I'm running overtime
I can't hold down my meals
My mind is racing by
Staring blankly feels
Like pulling out my teeth 
While this engine winds 
Аккорд FАккорд CАккорд EАккорд DАккорд AАккорд G